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Doe mee: MBB'ers laat je zien!
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​Het is belangrijk dat zoveel mogelijk mensen weten wat de beroepsgroep doet in Nederland en in Europa. Zet je naam op de twee posters: Engelse versie en Nederlandse versie. Maak een foto van jezelf of een groep collega's  met zichtbaar de teksten op de posters. Plaats de foto op de EFRS facebook pagina en NVMBR Facebook pagina en voeg deze tekst toe:

Together, we are Radiographers – and that is something to be proud of! #Radiographer2018@efrs

Je kunt dit ook op twitter plaatsen met #Radiographer2018@efrs en #NVMBR@voorMBBers en andere relevante # 

EFRS Public Awareness Campaign

This November 2018 The European Federation of Radiographer Societies celebrates its 10-year anniversary uniting, representing, promoting and developing the profession of radiography in Europe.

We are extremely proud of all you wonderful and dedicated radiographers, who work tirelessly every day, delivering professional services to patients across Europe. Together, we form a multifaceted and multi-coloured jewel, hardened in to a whole by a common dedication to the profession and the wish to ensure the safety of the patient.

Celebrating our profession!

The EFRS is comprised of a diversity of people, from many different nationalities, ethnicities, beliefs, custom's and views, but all of us sharing the singularity of our common profession.

We are now more than 100.000 Radiographers and over 8.000 students through 40 national societies/professional bodies, and 60 educational institutions, across 36 countries. The EFRS is the uniting force of the Radiographers across Europe, that help focusing 36 nationalities in a common goal, the care and safety of the patient.

10-years is something to be proud off and as many people as possible should know about us!

Therefore,  In the time leading up to our anniversary, the EFRS is launching a campaign celebrating  our profession and our diversity, and we hope that you will join us hrough Social Media across Europe.

We invite radiographers from all over Europe to proudly proclaim during the campaign that: "I am a radiographer from…."
thus showing the world, that they are among the radiographers of the EFRS, who every day provide high quality diagnostic imaging services and deliver cancer treatments, while ensuring the safety of the patients.

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