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​Using MRI safely - practical rules for employees

In the Netherlands all stakeholders has defined the rules of conduct described in this document to be insured that MRI can be used safely in practice.

Foreign diploma as a radiographer

Radiographer in the Netherlands is a profession listed in Article 34 of the Individual Healthcare Professions Act, generally known by its Dutch acronym, Wet BIG. The purpose of this legislation is to safeguard and promote the quality of health care services. It also protects patients against inexpert or negligent treatment by a healthcare provider.

For radiographers the education, training and specific areas of expertise are established by law. Article 34 professions can register in the Quality Register of Allied Health Professions. The first registration is an assesment if the person meets the stated requirements. Every five years the radiographer should re-register if the radiographer meets the CPD requirements.

To work as a radiographer in the Netherlands you need to apply for a Declaration of Professional Competence (Verklaring van vakbekwaamheid). See this link for more information.

If your diploma is recognized, you will be issued with a Declaration of Professional Competence. With the Declaration of Professional Competence you can register in the Quality Register of Allied Health Professions as a radiographer.

Foreign nationals may have to meet further conditions before being permitted to work in the Netherlands. If you do not hold the nationality of one of the European Union member states, you will require a Residence Permit (Verblijfsvergunning). In some cases, you will also require a Work Permit (Tewerkstellingsvergunning).

If you wish to work in the Dutch healthcare system and have obtained your qualifications in a country which is not a member of the European Union, additional rules apply.

If you obtained your diploma in a country outside the EU or Switzerland, you must satisfy a number of quality requirements before you will be permitted to work in the Dutch healthcare sector. These requirements are identical to those which apply to practitioners who obtained their qualifications in the Netherlands.